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Hard to believe but this week marks the beginning of the holiday season. The time of year when a lot of people let their exercise and healthy eating habits slip, what with all the parties, family gatherings and Christmas shopping to do.

Most adults gain some weight during the holiday period and studies show that if you are already overweight you will tend to gain more and keep the weight you put on. Because losing weight is difficult and its no fun dieting during the holidays, the best strategy to prevent weight gain during this tempting time is to stay active. Regular aerobic exercise is the best way to burn those extra calories you will be taking in over the next few weeks.

You will burn more calories rowing than any other aerobic activity. Why? Because rowing is a full-body exercise that requires you to change direction on every stroke, the energy cost is about 10-12% higher than running and 15-20% higher than cycling, for the same level of intensity.* Conveniently, November also marks the start of the new indoor rowing season!

Interactive Indoor Rowing

The first of the indoor regattas took place on Saturday with a live 2000 meter race on the virtual river. The BORC consisted of almost 50 competitors from around the world, including yours truly.


But you don't have to race or compete to get the great fitness benefits of interactive rowing. It's an exercise that anybody can do, at any level of intensity. This Thanksgiving week you can take advantage of a special discounted offer to experience interactive rowing for yourself, while at the same time helping out your fellow New Yorkers who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.

November 24th is Small Business Saturday and American Express will give you a $25 credit when you use your card to purchase your Intro to Indoorance® interactive rowing session. Indoorance will donate $25 of each session purchased to the American Express Hurricane Sandy relief fund.


Come in and learn how to row, challenge yourself with a pace boat or bring along a friend and crew together. It's a great way to work off some Thanksgiving bloat and get your holiday season off to a healthy start. Space is limited so call 212-353-8834 today to schedule your Intro to Indoorance® interactive rowing.

Rowing to the Rescue

Concept2 wants to pay YOU to row! Maintain your weight and fitness through the holidays by signing up for the 2012 Holiday Challenge which runs from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Row the target distance of 100k and Concept2 will make a donation on your behalf to the AmeriCares Hurricane Sandy fund. It may sound like a daunting distance to reach but it can easily be achieved with a daily 15 to 20 min row. However you can choose to row any distance and at any pace you like. It's all about motivation and dedication to a cause - to empower yourself and others this holiday season. And with the new ErgData App it's easy to log your meters directly from your iPhone or you can still do it manually here

Are you interested in indoor rowing competition? The 2013 CRASH-Bs (aka World IRC) are open to anyone and are just 3 months away, but there's still time to train. The monthly online Race Night Series resumes on Dec 10th. For more information on indoor rowing challenges, competitions and clinics contact

Have a Healthy & Happy Thanksgiving,


* Research conducted by Dr. Fritz Hagerman, Prof. of Biomedical Science at Ohio University and leading researcher in exercise physiology.

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